lunedì 24 ottobre 2011


Hi guys, how are u? I have some news.
This week GG STUDIO and I will meet fans at Lucca Comics and Games, the biggest cartoon fair in Italy!! ^^
All the artists involved in GG STUDIO right now will be at the fair, doing sketches and workin' for you.

The great Pasquale Qualano, Giuseppe Cafaro, Alessia Nocera, Giano and me, we'll be all there... in the "jungle booth" XD
Oh, did I intrigue you? Then, you have to know that this year GG STUDIO will have a whole new appeal in honour of EXTINCTION SEED u.u
I think that we lack only Shanna XD

I'm looking forward to be there, meeting people in the magnificent town of Lucca. Only one thing I cannot really stand: the COLD!! XD
I swear I never had so much cold in my life as at Lucca! But it's a small price to pay, to stay there. 

So, I'll be there waiting for you ;D 
from 28th october to 1st November, at GG STUDIO booth, stand E161-E166, in piazza Napoleone.


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